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The Story of You Program

Starting out or ready to uplevel your business?

We all have different personalities which represent our fundamental beliefs and values.  In today's noisy world they will help you understand how to differentiate you so your dream clients see you.  This powerful program was designed to help you align your values with your vision so you can clearly communicate to your community in your language and style! 

This is where I start with all my 1:1 brand clients to help them define their values, beliefs, brand words, visuals and so much more.  Today the best brands are founded on a strong foundation.  This program is a perfect place to add YOU back into your business so you can clearly and confidently make profits and the impact they want with their business. 

Your Signature Brand Makeover

Private Done For You Experience

For 8-12 weeks we will work together to incorporate everything you stand for, your messaging and visuals.  To consistently share your business so the right people are attracted to you and what you offer. 

Your Signature Brand Makeover with Darla Kirchner
Signature Brand VIP Intensive with Darla Kirchner

Signature Brand


Struggling to consistently express who you are and what you stand for to fill your business with ideal clients?

This 1 or 2-day intensive is intended for fast action takers who are tired of chasing shiny objects or investing in elaborate programs that simply don't work for you.  Let's work together to help you cut through the noise, go deep, and create an authentic, client-attracting brand.

This is the reason I love what I do...

What would the world miss if you didn't share your unique gifts and story?

Facebook Live Storytelling with Darla Kirchner Brand identity, Marketing & Website Design & Strategy

On a personal note...

I love what I do.  I'm passionate about inspiring and empowering women with great intentions to know their purpose so they connect and share their unique presence and gifts with the world.

Maybe you (like me) have spent countless hours or invested in course to learn how to market yourself online.  Wondered who to turn to for advice, someone that understands and has been where you are? 

If you are like me, you don't aspire to be a millionaire, you really want to make a difference and believe you have gifts to share. 

You simply need a guide.

Being in business for yourself is both rewarding and stressful and changes all the time, especially online.  The fact is if you want to be successful, you have to market yourself and promote your products and services.

And that can feel pushy and uncomfortable.  You'd like a softer approach to selling.  You know marketing part of being in business.  Without sales, you are out of business.

A little Client Love...

Glenda MilesI waited 30 years to follow my bliss. After decades of false starts of deferred dream, I kept piece-mealing my future one opportunity at a time. Finally, at age fifty-four after graduating from college, I developed a strategic plan to launch my second act.

As a creative, Darla was an ideal fit for me, as we spoke the same language and she understood my needs. I didn’t have to waste time explaining “who” I was, she totally believed in and “got me.”

With her expert assistance, we culminated my professional, volunteer and educational career experiences into telling the brand story of the unique "me.” We collaborated on a sparkly design brand package that is brag worthy and professional. I feel confident when my brand materials are used knowing that they represent me, mind,

We collaborated on my visual vision and created a brand that is brag worthy and professional. I feel confident when my brand materials are used knowing that they represent me, mind, heart, and spirit. - Glenda Miles

Kate Barrett of Shine a Light MediaI launch a new product and needed a package of graphics made to advertise it and my opt-in offer. Darla was absolutely amazing and created a whole range of images for me in different sizes so that I could use them in multiple locations such as on my website, Facebook page, Facebook profile header, Pinterest and more! Darla knew exactly what to create for each platform.

Throughout the process, Darla was friendly, professional and helpful, always listening to what I wanted and how she could make the images really stand out and perfectly fit my needs. I highly recommend that if you need images for your business and social media channels, you speak to Darla – she is amazing!  - Kate Barrett

Mark TryonDarla Kirchner is a very talented and driven entrepreneur who clearly defines integrity through her determination, drive, and tenacity to deliver the highest of quality in her deliverables to her clients. She communicates effectively with her clients, is very thorough to include them in every decision throughout the process of creating the image that defines their work and direction, and always goes the extra mile to produce a final product that is beyond their expectations; all while clearly understanding her client’s scope, budget, and schedule.

Darla’s passion and devotion to her work as well as to her family is what makes her such a success, and the reason Structural Enginuity, Inc. was very pleased to have her at the creativity steering wheel in helping us with our branding, including our logo and website. We would recommend her services to anyone and everyone.  - Mark Tryon

Afrcia ArchieldI just call Darla amazing, because she really up-leveled my brand. My new brand brings out the essence of who I am.

My brand is cleaner and more professional. Darla really works with you to get YOUR style. To develop what will work for your audience and your message. Darla will bring out the essence of who you are and put it into your brand. She’s made a huge difference in my life and definitely in my business financially.  

- Africa Archield

Michelle HudepohlWorking with Darla has been a dream come true for me and my business! Every time I leave a meeting with her, I am energized and excited because I KNOW she is going to help me take my business to the next level!

I am a realtor which means I have to wear many hats, and she allows me to focus on what I do best! Darla is a very caring individual and really takes the time to get to know you and access what your business needs are to help you be successful!  -Michelle Hudepohl

Cynthia MarshallI didn't have a logo or any brand identity or a way to "express myself" with the look and feel of my marketing material. 

It was fun, I felt "seen" and understood.  It was easy to connect and I LOVED working with a like-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur like Darla!  She is an expert at transforming the intangible into the tangible.  - Cynthia Marshall