What sets you apart from all the other business and brand in your industry? It's YOU... and your brand story. Here are some great tips for building your brand through storytelling. 

Storytelling has been around for thousands of hears. It's a sensemaking device that we all understand.  I had the pleasure of speaking to two branding colleagues. Jennifer Arnold of Innomap and Angela Hermans both joined me in a conversation to talk about brand storytelling. We all believe in the power of storytelling. 

Listen to our Brand Storytelling Conversation!


Brand Storytelling Tips:

"Great stories pull people in and share how relatable you are." -Angela Hermans

"Stories are a great way for people to file you away in their brain." -Jennifer Arnold

"Be vulnerable and transparent when sharing your personal story." - Darla Kirchner

Jennifer's Neuroscience Facts:

  • Our brain is divided into three main areas. The old brain: Basic human instincts part of the brain.
  • The midbrain: The feeling part of the brain, it's the emotional part of the brain.
  • New brain: Cognitive, thinking part of the brain.

When Building Your Authentic Brand, It's Better to Know:

  • Who is your target audience.
  • The why (or purpose).
  • Your authentic self.


We all agree it's always important to be true to yourself. Understand that in this digital age that we live in, people can see and have a perception of you (that's your brand). Realize that everyone has a pretty good "B.S." meter.  Keep in mind an integral part of your brand is YOU!

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Integrate these tips as you build your brand.  

Here's to you sharing your authentic story!


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As a Brand + Visual Design Strategist, I guide entrepreneurs to define their brand story so they successfully connect to their right audience!