Story of You

Stop leaving the most important asset out of your business...YOU!

Darla Kirchner The Story Of You Program

Are you a woman in business who feels invisible to your audience and is tired of being the best kept secret?

Here's the deal... You can’t build the right business with the wrong brand story!

There are 582,000,000 entrepreneurs today and 827 women starting businesses EVERYDAY

The good news is there's only one YOU!

Define the critical elements of your brand story and OWN it so you deliver an image that matters and attracts more meaningful clients to grow your business.

Today you have seconds to create a connection...

People want a connection and to trust the people they hire.  They want to build a relationship with you... not your business. It's why it's critical that who you are and what you stand for is front and center. 

In today's noisy world you have just SECONDS to grab the attention of your audience.  When you know who you are there is no competition!   The Story of You program creates the foundation for your brand and business.

Everything your customer experiences with you tells a story about your business

Darla Kirchner The Story Of You Program

How much is not having an authentic story costing you? Your dream clients.  The income you desire. The impact you want to make.  A lack of clarity may already be costing you a lot.

Choose Your Adventure!

Darla Kirchner The Story Of You Program

Starter Public Workshop

$147 US per person

Darla Kirchner The Story Of You Program

Starter Private Session

$197 US

Darla Kirchner The Story Of You Program

Private Story Intensive

Starting at $497 US

*Company Team Workshops Available. 

Which is better for you?

You are a one of a kind and your needs are different.  I've got you covered!

  • Work with me directly in a story starter session for 60 minutes. (in person or remotely)

  • In a private intensive (in person or remotely) for a half day.

  • In private company or team half day workshop.  (in person or remotely) starting with a small group of four!

  • In a Story of You Starter Public workshop

Your Business Starts With YOU

Discover how to consistently expresses who you are and what you stand for so you fill your business with the right clients!

Here's what you'll get:

  • A powerful personality assessment

  • Your top two personality profiles to describe you at your best. 

  • We'll work TOGETHER  to define what makes you, well YOU. Developing your strengths, values, and brand voice and much more.

  • Energized guidance from Darla (with a touch of fun) to create your customized brand story profile. 

  • A personalized profile for all your branding and marketing, and messaging. 

How it will help:

  • Develop a clear understanding of YOUR story with a solid foundation.

  • Create meaningful messaging and copy to align your unique personality and qualities to your dream clients using your words.

  • Be in front of the crowd in your niche because you'll be congruent from the inside out. 

  • Able to connect and build relationships because people will feel your difference. 

  • Create your marketing story to use in all your communications and social platforms that expresses you and align to the people you most want to work with because you're values and voice will be defined and clear to them.

  • And much, much more!

Once you discover what makes you CAPTIVATING all of your copy becomes SO MUCH easier!

This new process is a GAME CHANGER for all your communications:

  • Brand Identity, Promise + Voice

  • Marketing Copy and Messages

  • Mission + Vision + Tagline

  • Value Proposition Statements

  • Visual Brand Marketing

  • Websites, Blogs and Sales Pages

  • Brochures  + Postcards

  • Direct Mail 

  • Email Marketing

  • Packaging

  • Presentations

  • Social Media and much more!

Get your copy right, in your voice... save time and the cost of investing a bizillion in copywriters!

Need a Workshop Designed For Your Group or Team?

Who Doesn't love happy clients?

Angelina Millare speaks about her experience with The Story of YOU.

The story of you really helped me anchor my message in the delivery that makes me unique and the unique impact I make in my clients' world and business. So I stand out to them and they can imagine how they can stand out for their customers.

I was able to close a new high ticket client in 30 minutes without a completing my branding or establishing a website.  

I am in total alignment with my business. By shifting my language I’m able to create compelling communications to connect with my target customers and get sales.

The subtle shift in language is now throughout my business, marketing and in my training.  The results speak for themselves. I had a five-figure week and it continues to expand. I’m looking forward to continuing to create all the rest of my brand assets.

~ Angelina Millare Founder of Empowered by Tech
Theresa Cifali of Good 'nuf Mom
 For over a year, I was attempting to brand my new business by myself.  I spent countless hours researching colors and fonts and icons, but I never felt satisfied and felt so frustrated.  While I was certain about my mission and who I wanted to serve, I was getting stuck in the visual details.  As a result, I wasn’t building a strong, cohesive brand nor was I clear on how to speak to my ideal client.
Darla’s program was exactly what I needed.  The Story of You assessment was a huge eye-opener for me because it helped me not only discover who I am innately but also the exact language I should be using for my brand.  It was so empowering.  I feel confident that I can show up on brand anywhere I am, in person or online or in my copy.  I feel more assured that I will be able to attract the right customer to me. 
~ Theresa Cifali of Good 'nuf Mom
Kathy Vaské shares her experience with The Story of YOU.

After going through the Story of You I am confident in my branding and proud to own and share it with the world!  The process itself was phenomenal and Darla made it fun and easy.

Darla provided me with a full-service, holistic branding experience where she helped me identify and capture the true essence of my own brand before we started on any creative output.  

Her Story of You is unique and distinctive which means my brand is unique and distinctive!

I highly recommend Darla’s Story of You to any business owner whether new or established. In this world of information bombardment, it’s never been more important to be unique.

~Kathy Vaské

Bev Fleming

Before I joined The Story of YOU program I was confused with all the choices that had to be made before doing anything….website, business cards, messaging.   While I am a wizard at sales when it comes to design and brand I was overwhelmed and confused! I knew I wanted it to reflect ME for one thing!  

I’m not like any other Sales Coach and I wanted that to be clear through my colors, the fonts I use, the words in my messaging and my website.  I know that successful businesses ensure that their “Story” is always consistent.

Darla knows what needs to be done and walked me through the process, teasing out just the right bits of information to help create The Story of ME!  I’m confident now that I have what I need to produce my website and other materials to blast my business off!

~Bev Fleming, Sales Prophit

Lety Sanchez, owner of Horchata

The story of you program really helped me to understand who I am and what I want to transmit in my business. It helped me to identify what makes me unique and different from the rest of the competition.

It was a really fun process and Darla is a very easy to work person, she has been a great support in the development of my brand identity and the message that I want to send. 

~Lety Sanchez, Chef and Owner of Horchata

Join Me for A Live Workshop in Cincinnati or in Your Town

*Details for the Workshop will be sent in a welcome email after you’ve registered.

Join us at the historic Evendale Cultural Arts Center in Evendale, Ohio or let's set a date for a workshop in your town!


No more feeling inauthentic or like everyone else in your market.

No more feeling like a pushy salesperson. 

No more frustration or feeling overwhelmed because you're not being seen or heard. 


At the end of the workshop, you will walk away with a profile that expresses YOU to confidently use for all your branding and marketing.  A guide to creating a clear and consistent brand and marketing strategy.  Personal words, style, and values for your website, your social media and all your marketing efforts to reach the ideal audience and will FEEL like YOU. 


Because it will be. 

Hi I'm Darla

For years I felt like an unsung hero...

Hiding behind my expertise and not owning who I was or standing firmly in what I believe.

I realized that my dream clients didn't understand how I could help them or what set me apart from other brand strategists because I wasn't authentically standing in my own light.

Today I help intentional women entrepreneurs build brands and marketing strategies that FEEL authentic and clearly resonates with their ideal audience. 

My passion is helping amazing women be seen and heard by their ideal clients so they can have a profitable business.

Authentically.  Purposefully.  In their light.

Branding begins inside.  Defining YOU and your brand is foundational.  It’s what sets you apart from your competition.  If you don’t work on it, your audience will create their own perception of you or worse... you'll be left behind.  Unseen by your potential clients or unable to make the impact you desire in the world.

...And I don’t want that for you.

Darla Kirchner Online Story + Marketing Strategy

My Personal Guarantee

I want you to be 100% satisfied and have abundant success in your business! 

My mission is to leave nobody behind.   

If you do the work in the program, ask for help when you need it, and need help finishing, I will work with you one-on-one for up to 30 minutes until you have your Story of YOU completed.

Darla Kirchner

You may be wondering, is this for me?

The Story of YOU is for you if...

You've worked really hard and not seeing the results from all your efforts. 

Now's the time.  You've got a passion and purpose and genuinely care about creating products or services to make a difference in the world.

You want to confidently have a consistent business with offerings and marketing that all match your values, personality and goals. 

To have a meaningful message that matters that doesn't feel like your pushing people, but pulling the right people to purchase. 

You want copy in your voice that you can use for your marketing and/or share it with your team, graphic designer or website developer.

You're sick of not understanding why people aren't buying.   You're not making the profits you need in your business. 

The Story of You is not for you if...

You really aren't willing invest in building the foundation of your business or committed to the time.

You'd rather skip to creating the product and start selling.   

You aren't willing to dive deep and discover what's inside of you.  If you're honest, you're looking for quick results.  Like NOW. 

I hate to burst your bubble, but building a brand is an ongoing process.  Building a clear, consistent and authentic brand story will support you build your business on a solid foundation.

The Story of YOU Program

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More Happy Clients...

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s on the fence about why branding is critical to your success, or who thinks branding is something that only Coke and Nike do, then Darla Kirchner is someone you need to know – and fast!  She can show you how to my brand could effortlessly express who I am and what I offer. 

One look is all it takes now for people to immediately “get” what my business is all about and how I add extreme value.  And in a crowded marketplace, that’s priceless.” 

~Debra Lindegren of Authentically Speaking

Without Darla, I would be using crazy colors and 50 different fonts with no regard to white space in my images.  Darla really works with you to get YOUR style. To develop what will work for your audience and your message.  She’s made a huge difference in my life and definitely in my business financially. 

- Africa Archield

"I didn't have a way to "express myself" with the look and feel of my marketing material.
I feel "seen" and understood. It was easy to connect to Darla. I have so much more confidence now when I share my website. I feel that not just the content but also the style, look, feel and logo is very reflective of the authentic me. Which is what I want to communicate to my clients. 
- Cynthia Marshall, Life, Business and Money Coach


The Story of YOU Program by Darla Kirchner