Story of You Workshop

"In a world of information bombardment, it’s never been more important to be unique."

The Story of You Workshop by Darla Kirchner

Discover your top qualities and words so the right people say YES to working with you!

Struggling to connect with the right customers?

Spend hours "Googling" how to market your business till your brain hurts.

Follow advice from thought leaders but not seeing results you want.

Talking about marketing or sales makes you cringe.

Business stopped reflecting who you are (or maybe never did).

Believe you can make a difference with your skills and expertise.

Want to look, sound and write to attract the right customers.

What's worse... You feel invisible

There's a disconnect with who you are and who you want to work with. 

The Story of You Workshop by Darla Kirchner

Cativate to the Right People with Your Character in...


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Discover Your Best Self


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$147 per person

Hi, I'm Darla...

I was just like you!

Searching for “the magic wand” that would help my business grow.  

Investing thousands into guru programs, in the hopes of building a business that’s authentic, valued and recognized. 

Darla Kirchner Brand Story Coach

It had to start with me.

Each of us is different with amazing personalities and skills.  It's only when I tapped into mine and used them more and more that the floodgates opened up! 

I connected to myself, then to the right clients.

It all starts by looking inward... 

Because YOU are unique.  And girlfriend, being unique sells. 

Why The Story of You?

You need to bring you into your business.  Because if you're like most entrepreneurs you're so close to your business you don't know how to talk about what you offer in a way the right people listen... or want to buy. 

So you'll have confident conversations.

Speak in your voice.

Stand in your values. 

Gain more clients.

And grow a like minded community. 

Once you do that... you can have

five figure weeks, just like my clients.

Join me in person at the Evendale Cultural Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio!

The Story of You Workshop by Darla Kirchner

In 3 hours you'll...

Mentor Personality Style

Have words in your style as well as copy for your website, social media, and marketing efforts.

The Comedian Personalaity Style by Darla Kirchner

Use your personality to attract the right clients. Reach the right people and feel like YOU!

Visionary Personality Style

Have more confidence with marketing and sales conversations because you'll pull them in with your personal magical style and voice!

Hero Personality Style

Write meaningful emails, messages and stories that align with your personality, so your dream clients "get'' you.

By the end of the workshop...

You'll be clear on…

  • Your unique personality style

  • Copy and words that describe you at your best

  • Your strengths and weaknesses

  • Brands like you to find inspiration

  • How to USE your story in all your business copy and develop inspirations

  • Understand clients like you... who may be your ideal clients too!

So your ideal clients…

  • Are drawn to you like a magnet

  • Say “I like her and want to work with her”

  • Understand how you're different.

  • Know that you are “their person” because you have a consistent brand voice and personality. 

  • Say YES to work with you!

  • Get to know, like and trust you, because you are bringing more of YOU into your brand.

Theresa Cifali of Good 'nuf Mom

"Darla’s program was exactly what I needed.  The Story of You process was a huge eye-opener for me because it helped me not only discover who I am innately but also the exact language I should be using for my brand.  It was so empowering.  I feel confident that I can show up on brand anywhere I am, in person or online or in my copy.  Finally, I'm attracting the right clients!" 

~ Theresa Cifali

What’s in the Workshop

  • A robust assessment to discover your personality style

  • Top 2 personality profiles that show you values, strengths, and words that describe you authentically.

  • An interactive 3 hour workshop to discover you at your best to define your brand.

  • Discover how to use your personal profile to speak in your voice and use in all your copy. 

  • Support from me at every step.

  • Examples, inspiration and strategic recommendations to help you build a powerful brand from the inside out.

  • Time to answer your questions and get it done.

  • 3 Great Bonuses to help you continue to develop your personal style 

  • Directions to use your profile and time to write story starters.

Register now for the in-person workshop at Evendale Cultural Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio

Wednedsay, January 9 from 1-4 pm

$147 per person

My mission is to never leave anyone behind and provide lots of attention.  So the workshop is limited to 12 participants.   In order for everyone to be prepared for the workshop, registration will close on Saturday, January 5, 2018.

Have questions? Schedule a call or call me at 513-477-3302

2019 Live Workshop Dates!

January 9 from 1-4 pm

Febuary 6 from 1-4 pm

Kathy Vaské shares her experience with The Story of YOU.

"The process itself was phenomenal and Darla made it fun and easy.   Her Story of You is unique and distinctive which means my brand is unique and distinctive!

I highly recommend Darla’s Story of You to any business owner whether new or established. In this world of information bombardment, it’s never been more important to be unique."

~ Kathy Vaske

3 great bonuses to help you continue to develop your personal style!

The BEST Brand Checklist

Value of $47 included

The Best Brand Checklist by Darla Kirchner

12 Brand Personality Styles

Value of $27 included

12 Brand Personality Styles by Darla Kirchner

Virtual Moodboard Checklist

Value of $27 included

Virtual Moodboard Checklist by Darla Kirchner

Who’s the Workshop For?

  • Career professionals

  • Creatives
  • Coaches & Consultants

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Small Business Owners

  • Service Professionals

  • Startup Business

How does it work?

  • Led by Darla Kirchner, International Brand Story Coach and Strategist

  • Held in the History Room of the Evendale Cultural Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio 

  • Workbook and bonus materials included

  • Beverages and snacks to keep you energized!

You have a choice - continue being frustrated or start owning your story.... I'd choose wisely.

Angelina Millare speaks about her experience with The Story of YOU.

"I was able to close a new high ticket client in 30 minutes without a website.  The results speak for themselves, I had a five-figure week and it continues to expand."

~ Angelina Millare

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Create a roadmap to express yourself in your business and marketing. We'll work together to bring some personalized pizazz into your business — FAST.

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The Story of You by Darla Kirchner

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The Story of You with Darla Kirchner

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  • Work with me privately to define your story (in person or remotely).

  • In an interactive online group experience, perfect to pace yourself!

Bev Fleming

"I know that successful businesses ensure that their “Story” is always consistent.

Darla knows what needs to be done and walked me through the process, teasing out just the right bits of information to help create The Story of ME!  I’m confident now that I have what I need to produce my website and other materials to blast my business off!"

~ Bev Fleming

A GAME CHANGER for all your communications:

  • Brochures  + Postcards

  • Direct Mail

  • Email Marketing

  • Packaging

  • Presentations

  • Social Media and much more!

  • Brand Identity, Promise + Voice

  • Marketing Copy and Messages

  • Mission + Vision + Tagline

  • Value Proposition Statements

  • Visual Brand Marketing

  • Websites, Blogs and Sales Pages

Get your copy right, in your voice... save time and the cost of investing a bizillion in copywriters!

The Story of YOU Program by Darla Kirchner