Own Your Image


Is your brand as professional as you?

Are you happy with how your brand represents YOU?

...or are you wondering why you need a brand?

You are one of 582 million entrepreneurs in the world. How do you stand out, get your dream clients to notice then choose you above everyone else? The answer is your brand. It sets you apart and makes you the best choice for your most aligned clients.

Help your dream client choose you above anyone in your niche!

In just 8 weeks, easily build your personalized

Brand Storybook to OWN Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

that consistently expresses exactly who you are...and what you stand for so you fill your business with dream clients!

The Story of YOU Program by Darla Kirchner

There's only ONE You!

A brand is more than a logo or pretty colors and fonts. Yes, a brand includes all of this...and so much more.

Your brand starts with YOU.

As an entrepreneur, You OWN your brand...So stand for your values and build a brand that represents who you are from the inside out.  

I can help you build a brand storybook that is as professional as you.  Maximize your resources and save time when you share your brand with a designer or your team.

Quickly explain what you want in your style and in your voice and values.  And speak the language of your designer and you get better results.


Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

In just 8 weeks, easily build YOUR Own Personalized Brand Storybook that consistently expresses exactly who you are and what you stand for so you fill your business with dream clients!

Interactive Brand Storybook
Theresa Cifali of Good 'nuf Mom
Own Your Image is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.  First, Darla helped me understand what branding is.  She helped me uncover who I am and how the world sees me so that I had the exact words I needed to find the right language, vision, and elements in my branding.  The entire process was inspiring and I felt excited to see the pieces of my brand come together cohesively in my colors, symbols, fonts, textures and more.
Having a completed brand book that I could use to keep me consistent in all of my branding was nothing short of empowering.  I was so excited that once the course ended, I hired Darla to design my logo.  It was a breeze because all of the introspective work was done and at my fingertips.  More importantly, it enabled me to speak about my brand in a more enlightened way. 
~ Theresa Cifali of Good 'nuf Mom

Join Our Fun and Interactive Experience!

For 8 consecutive Tuesdays, beginning February 6, I'll be sharing live all my tips, tools and strategies to teach you to build your personal Brand Storybook.

"Let's Do This" 60-minute workshop every other Thursday.  Receive my direct, professional input on your progress and answers to your questions. This is like having your own brand expert with decades of experience.

Learn how to consistently use your Brand Storybook to clearly represent YOU.  This interactive guide will keep you organized and consistent in your values and message so your ideal customers want to buy from you over and over again.

This offer will close on February 2, 2018, and the price will go to the regular price of $997.


The step by step process...

Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

WEEK 1: Define It!

Learn the importance of branding and why adding your personality is vital to stand out in your marketplace.  Determine what makes you different by reviewing the results of your unique and natural personality traits and how to incorporate them into your brand storybook.

Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

Week 2: Value It!

Get clear on your values and why they are important to your business.  Then distill your values and what you stand for... and what you don't stand for and how to use them in your marketing messaging.

Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

WEEK 3: Personalize It!

Capture Your Client-Attracting Brand Voice.  Choose the best brand words that express YOU.  Then we'll compose your story using your brand words.

Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

Week 4: Style it!

Research and learn about the different types of font type styles.  Together we will distill the different top font type styles for all your typestyle needs that reflect your personality and your brand.  

Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

WEEK 5: Color It!

Learn the keys to color psychology and theory.  We will also review your Naturally Hue" test results and learn more about how to use these key elements to bring out the essence of who you are in your color palette and visual branding. 

Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

Week 6: Design It!

Transform your brand voice into your personal visual style.  With a clear understanding of who you are, determining your typestyles and colors, now the design process begins!  You will begin adding your logo assets and all the main design elements to your storybook.

Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

WEEK 7: Accentuate it!

Referring to all your gathered assets and images, you'll deepen your brand story with images and photographs that best represent you and all you stand for. Adding all the extra details, backgrounds and symbols that uniquely express your brand.

Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

Week 8: Organize It!

Bringing your Storybook together. You will learn how to best optimize and organize your new virtual and interactive book so it continues to keep you clear and consistently branded in everything related to your brand.  Now you will have a marketing tool that will help you sell without feeling pushy!

Darla Kirchner Online Story + Marketing Strategy

I didn’t always own my image...

For years I felt like an unsung hero.  Hiding behind my expertise and not owning who I was or standing firmly in what I believe.  

I realized that my dream clients were not understanding how I could help them or what sets me apart from other brand strategists because I wasn't standing in my own light.

As a branding strategist for intentional women entrepreneurs, my passion is helping amazing women be seen and heard by their ideal clients so they can have a profitable purpose-filled business.

Authentically.  Purposefully.  In their light.

We are all one of a kind of unique gifts to share.  The first step is to start.  Branding starts on the inside of us all.  It’s what sets us all apart.  If you don’t work on it, your audience will create a perception of you or worse yet...you'll likely be left in the shadows.  Unseen by your dream clients...And I don’t want that for you.

My Personal Guarantee

I want you to be 100% satisfied and have abundant success in your business!  My personal mission is to leave nobody behind.   

If you do the work in the 8-week timeframe, ask for help when you need it and don’t create a Brand Storybook,  I will work with you one-on-one for up to 60 minutes until you have your OWN Brand Style Book.

Darla Kirchner

Who Doesn't Love Bonuses?


BIG Book of Brand Identity + Design Definitions $47 Value

The Story Of You Personality Test by Darla Kirchner

The Story of YOU Personality Program $297 Value

Ideal Client Workbook by Darla Kirchner

Ideal Client Workbook $127 Value

Darla Kirchner Private Facebook Group for Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

Private Facebook Group $197 Value

Private 1:1 Sessions...Valuing over $500 USD!


60 Minute "Let's Do This" Thursday Accountability Workshops $800 Value

One of my personal missions is to leave no one behind... That's why I added this powerful workshop bonus.  It's designed to help you accomplished building your brand storybook and keep you accountable, so you don't fall behind and feel overwhelmed. 

Join me every other Thursday during the workshop to receive guidance from the previous training homework done. 

Every other Thursday, I'll be hosting "Let's Do This" days.  These are 60-minute workshops where you'll receive my direct, professional input on the modules we covered so you stay in action and accomplish the goal of creating your own brand storybook. 

Typically this is a small group experience where I directly coach and help members individually.  We will focus on the storybook module work from the weeks prior and answer questions or share some tips to help you to accomplish the goal of designing and building your brand storybook.  Access to your very own brand professional answering all your questions and guiding you while you are in the program.

This is a service I only offer to my one on one clients!

30 Minute Coaching Call with Darla Kirchner

30 Minute Private Coaching with Darla $500 Value

Purchase in full and receive a 30-minute private coaching with Darla.

Borrow my brain on your business to strategize the best way for you to get to mission accomplished in the program.  Together we'll focus on your most immediate opportunities to make the most out of the program. 

This is a 1:1 service I only offer to my one on one clients!

$2600 in Bonuses!

I've got you sister!

This offer will close on February 2, 2018, and the price will go to the regular price of $997.


Lady Boss Love...

Debra Lindgren Authentically Speaking

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s on the fence about why branding is critical to your success, or who thinks branding is something that only Coke and Nike do, then Darla Kirchner is someone you need to know – and fast!  Her brilliant course, Own Your Image, showed me how a cohesive “whole enchilada” brand could effortlessly express who I am and what I offer. 

She immediately tuned into my genius and then step-by-step crafted brand elements with me that were unique, powerful and professional. One look is all it takes now for people to immediately “get” what my business is all about and how I add extreme value.  And in a crowded marketplace, that’s priceless.” 

~Debra Lindegren of Authentically Speaking

Leah Albrecht

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Darla.  She knows her stuff and is able to clearly communicate what makes up a “brand identity”.

I worked with Darla on developing a brand style guide for my new business and was amazed at how much time it saved me.  I was able to incorporate “me” into my brand and take into account my somewhat quirky personality.  The look and feel of my logo, website, and printed materials are totally integrated.  This incredibly valuable tool is essential and keeps me on track. Basically, a brand style that is gold!

- Leah Albrecht, MBA of Vector Catalyst

Africa Archield

Without Darla, I would be using crazy colors and 50 different fonts with no regard to white space in my images.  Darla really works with you to get YOUR style. To develop what will work for your audience and your message.  She’s made a huge difference in my life and definitely in my business financially. 

- Africa Archield

Jo Ann Kobuke Midlife Rewritten

Darla’s Brand Storybook has been a great tool.  It’s kept me organized by having all my branding elements in one document and helped me maintain consistency in my marketing and brand image. 

It makes working with a designer, or a marketing person much easier.  I can give them my Style Guide and be confident they understand my brand elements. Plus, it was fun working with Darla to create it!

 - Jo Ann, Founder of Midlife Rewritten

Cynthia Marshall
"I didn't have a way to "express myself" with the look and feel of my marketing material.
I feel "seen" and understood. It was easy to connect to Darla. I have so much more confidence now when I share my website. I feel that not just the content but also the style, look feel and logo is very reflective of the authentic me. Which is what I want to communicate to my clients. 
I LOVED working with a like-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur like Darla. I feels really good about having someone I can trust. I would absolutely recommend Darla!"
- Cynthia Marshall, Life, Business and Money Coach
Iola Yhap
Darla has graciously worked with me to help me develop my brand.  Darla's commitment to her students is unparalleled, she is extremely dedicated to her students and always makes herself available for any requested help or feedback.  
Not only did she educate me about what my visual branding should look like, she took it a step further and created visuals for 2 of my business. If you need a Branding Coach, Darla is your girl.  
- Iola Yhap

Frequently Asked Questions...

No, we will be using software that you can easily access online.


Who is The Own Your Image Program for?

You're an intentional entrepreneur who genuinely cares about creating products or services to make a difference in the world.

You want a clear understanding of your brand so you can confidently use it for your marketing and business or share it with your graphic designer or website developer.

You are ready to stop hiding behind your computer and shine your light and share what makes you different so your dream clients and community are captivated.

You're sick of the excuses you’re telling yourself about why your marketing, messaging isn't working and you not making the profits you need in your business. You’re ready to write your next chapter...like right now!

The Own Your Image Program is not for you if...

You really aren't willing invest in your business or committed to the time.

You're not committed to taking consistent action during the program and don't have a can-do attitude. 

You aren't willing to do some internal discovery work and if you're honest, you're looking for quick results.  Like NOW.  ( I'm happy to discuss working with you 1:1)

I hate to burst your bubble, but building a brand is an ongoing process.  Building a clear, consistent and authentic brand storybook will help you get there faster and be your go-to brand bible.

Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

This is your invitation to join me for just $997 USD

Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

It's time for you to start shining online so you can get more clients, make more money and spend time doing what you love!

I want you to be 100% satisfied and have abundant success in your business!  While we are working together you'll create a personalized Brand Storybook that you’ll love... or I will work with you until you do.  If you do the work in the 8-week timeframe, ask for help when you need it and don’t create a brand storybook you love,  I will work with you one-on-one for up to 60 minutes until you have your OWN Brand Book.