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Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

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In just 8 weeks, easily build YOUR Own Personalized Brand Storybook that consistently expresses exactly who you are and what you stand for so you fill your business with ideal clients!

What if you could transform all your marketing from "whatever"... to "Wow"! ?

Darla Kirchner Online Story + Marketing Strategy

Hi, I'm Darla... 

A branding and online marketing strategist for mission-driven women entrepreneurs.  My passion is helping others be SEEN so they can have the business they WANT. 

Authentically.  Purposefully.  In their light.

Last year I created a program called "DIY Graphics That Convert".  It was wildly successful.  Everyone learned a lot... and I listened.   

They LOVED learning how to create their own marketing images, HOWEVER, they RAVED about creating their own... "Personalized Brand Style Guide". 

Why?  Because they immediately saw how much time, effort and money it saved them.  I thought all designers created brand style guides for their clients.  Sadly, that's not the case. 

Join me to create your Own Brand Storybook so you confidently and consistently connect to your ideal clients!


Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

Starting Tuedsay, January 23, 2018 you can easily build YOUR own personalized brand storybook that consistently expresses who you are and what you stand for so you fill your business with ideal clients, in 8 weeks!

Join the waitlist to OWN your image in the New Year!


I'm so excited to share this new method of training with you!

Register by Wednesday, January 17 at midnight EST to receive everything for only $697!

Some Client Love...

To be successful online today, your clients must distinguish you from the rest of the crowded online space. It's non-negotiable. Before doing DIY Graphics with Darla, I didn't even know what a Brand Style Guide was! She helped me find the essence of what I wanted to reflect online, and build my brand around it. It was a life-saver! It is so much easier now to create social media posts that are consistent. By using my colors, and my fonts, I ensure that my clients pick up on my posts quickly, as they scroll down their feed. Sticking to my guide also helps me stay consistent, from my website to all my internet exchanges. I would not hesitate to recommend Darla's expert services to anyone who needs to build their brand.

- Ana Costa, INHC, CIHC

Without Darla, I would be using crazy colors and 50 different fonts with no regard to white space in my images.  Darla really works with you to get YOUR style. To develop what will work with your audience and your message.  She’s made a huge difference in my life and definitely in my business financially. 

- Africa Archield

Before working with Darla I was inconsistent in the way I represented my company online.  I would do what felt right in the moment. Unfortunately, that meant that I was missing out on being seen and recognized and it sent some very mixed signals to my tribe. Darla was able to show me how to easily create a brand style that has allowed me and my company to become easily recognizable throughout my social media channels.

- Leah Albrecht

Darla's commitment to her students is unparalleled, she is extremely dedicated to her students and always makes herself available for any requested help or feedback.  

- Iola Yhap

Darla is ridiculously effective because of her ability to understand you and your business.

- Anna Chargin

Darla’s Brand Style Guide has been a great tool.  It’s kept me organized by having all my branding elements in one document and helped me maintain consistency in my marketing and brand image.  It makes working with a designer, or a marketing person much easier.  I can give them my Style Guide and be confident they understand my brand elements. Plus, it was fun working with Darla to create it!

 - Jo Ann, Founder of Midlife Rewritten

Own Your Image Program by Darla Kirchner

Join the waitlist to OWN your image in the New Year!

This is your invitation to join me for just $697 USD

Only until Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018 when it will go up to the regular price of $997