Interview with Kellie O’Brien

Meet Kellie O’Brien!  A journalist, author, social media fanatic, consultant and blogger.  Kellie is a “mum to two li’l princesses” and also a wife.  I knew we were meant to be friends when I read she is also a chocolate lover like me!

Darla Kirchner Interviews Kellie OBrien

Kellie is very active on social media and very open and willing to share her experiences.  Since she is a public relations expert and a journalist, I asked her to share with us all.  Kellie focuses on “helping people realize their dreams through the power of communicating their story to the world.”  I love Kellie’s energy and quote…

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Kellie’s Biz Tips:

  • Get very clear on who your ideal client is and what their day looks like.
  • Start consuming the same media they do, i.e.. magazines, TV, newspaper, blogs or social media to be inspired.
  • Start to hone in on where your target audience is and seeing how you can be inspired.
  • Get connected with groups and networking
  • Create great content:  Whether it’s blogs, programs that people want to come back to.  Tell a great story.
  • Build great relationships with others entrepreneurs and business people.

Here’s Kellie’s FREE downloadable media plan template to step up your PR efforts!


Listen to my interview with Kellie O’Brien!


How to get exposure from blogging:

  • Leverage your blog content.  Solve your audience’s problem.
  • Write to a human being
  • Add social sharing buttons on your website
  • Try to use different mediums, for example a video with a YouTube link.
  • Remember the 80/20 rule: 80% sharing content and 20% creating the content.
  • Remember to ask yourself “why should people care”?

Kellie’s Contact Information:

I know I learned a great deal from Kellie and appreciate her sharing her expertise with us!  I hope you found this articel useful, if so, please share it with your biz friends!

Here’s my question for you… Are you using blogging to get your brandstory out there?

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