Captivate Your Customers

Authentic branding for women who want to deliver a message that matters, and attract more meaningful clients to grow your business

"Darla is ridiculously effective because of her ability to understand you and your business!" - Anna Chargin

Clarify Your Brand Story

The only way to be seen is to be original, different and extraordinary!  I work with intentional women entrepreneurs to clarify their story so they can share their unique message. 

Own Your Brand Image

Easily build YOUR Own Personalized Brand Storybook that consistently expresses exactly who you are and what you stand for so you fill your business with ideal clients. 

Build Your Online Presence

I work with you to develop an online presence that reflects you and your mission.  Let's talk about unique designed strategies that work for you so you convert visitors into clients. 

Ready to OWN Your Brand story and share it clearly and confidently?

The Story of YOU

Create Your Brand Story

People don't buy what you do, they buy how you make them feel defined by your values, in your voice and through the visual stories you tell.  Stop leaving out the most important element of your business...YOU.  Learn how to create a clear and captivating connection with your dream clients. 

Because there's no competition when you know who you are and have a clear message to share.

Your Signature Brand

There are 582, 000,000 entrepreneurs in the world today. AND...there's only ONE you. You are unique.  One of a kind. 

How are you standing out to get your dream clients to notice then choose you above everyone else? The answer is your brand. It sets you apart and makes you the best choice for your most aligned clients.

Together we'll roll up our sleeves and create a personalized brand package that's the perfect fit for your stage of business and growth.

Elevating Women Entrepreneurs

Live in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area? 

Elevating Women Entrepreneurs community was created for purpose-filled women in business.

Meet like-minded business owners focused on creating community over competition. Join our supportive and uplifting meet-up group where the focus is on building personal and professional relationships with other women as we have fun elevating each other by learning and sharing.

Brand Breakthrough Session

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated in your business?

I understand because I was there.  For years I felt like an unsung hero.  Hiding behind my expertise and hoping the right clients would find me.  Hope marketing never works.  Now I stand confidently in my brand, working with dream clients...and you can too! 

Join me for a 30-minute brand breakthrough session where I'll listen and give you ideas to end the overwhelm and frustration.

One of the best investments I’ve made in my business. Darla helped me understand what branding is. She helped me uncover who I am and how the world sees me so that I had the exact words I needed to find the right language, vision, and elements in my branding. -Theresa Cifali

What makes your brand so different?

So often women struggle to be seen and heard.  Marketing and sales feel pushy though we all know it's necessary to have a successful business.  Many are so close to their products or services or they don't know where to start and become frustrated and stuck in building their business.

Quite honestly, they need a brand strategy.

I help women in business create a clear and consistent brand so they authentically resonate with their dream clients and community.  

Together we can build an authentic brand story so you can stand out in your niche, deliver a message that matters, and attract more meaningful clients to grow your business.

Darla Kirchner

Client Love...

Anna-Chargin-Twitter-ProfileI hired Darla to create a complete brand package and social media presence. It was critical for me to work with a brand expert that understood the importance of making long-lasting business decisions that would maximize my investment AND give me high-quality results. Darla does it all.

Let’s face it: Everyone wants to hire someone who not only gets the job done, who’s also great to work. She guided me through the entire process to ensure we stayed on track and got results quickly. All I had to do was show up for our regular meetings and answer questions.

I highly recommend her to anyone who is creating a brand for life. I could not have started my business without her!  - Anna Chagrin

Kate Barrett of Shine a Light MediaWe have worked closely with Darla to create a whole range of new branding elements for our café, Bread & Butter. From creating our new logo to designing both on and offline elements including shop signage, social media headers, leaflets and magazine adverts, Darla understood exactly what we were looking for, the feel of our brand and the style we wanted to create. 

Not only that, but she helped us create a real vision for our brand going forward and ensured the design elements created matched perfectly.

Working with Darla has been a pleasure.   We highly recommend her to anyone looking for professional design and branding services, whether for online or offline business elements. - Kate Barrett & Chris Pierce of Bread & Butter Cafe

My wife and I were stuck on how to develop an actionable business plan. Darla's 1+1 Consult was extraordinary in getting us "unstuck."   
Through Darla's Business Consultation process, we were able to derive a clear plan as to what steps to do next.  I would highly recommend her services for those needing clarity and direction in their business - and who doesn't need that!  - Jim Hudepohl

Janet NashDarla is so awesome! She helped us to refine our business goals and optimize all the effort we're putting into our business.

She is caring and passionate about helping business owners be successful! The webinars and workshops are chock full of very helpful information, but more than that, she'll personalize it for you!

It's worth your time to work with Darla! - Janet Nash Owner of Gracetree Yoga

I had no idea that developing my ideal client would become so important to me, my brand and business. Darla helped me identify my ideal client and I found that by targeting and catering to my ideal client my marketing improved, my focus improved, and my product improved.
After following Darla’s advice it became easy and even fun to develop my ideal client. Because of Darla’s coaching, I asked questions about my ideal client that I would never have. I ended up with a rock solid understanding of who is most likely to buy my work and where to find them. - Pattie Bryon Metal and Mixed Media Artist