Story of You Program

Darla Kirchner The Story Of You Program

Define & differentiate you to your customers

It's time to stop leaving the most important piece out of your business...YOU!

That's the number of entrepreneurs today. 

Though there's only one YOU!

Learn what makes you DIFFERENT so you can captivate and connect with your ideal audience and build a business that lights you up! 

You are a one of a kind and so is your business.  So often women share they are struggling to be seen.  They don't like to market because it feels pushy though they know it's necessary to be in business.  

The Story of You program begins with a powerful personality assessment and instant results of your top two personality styles.

This powerful program can be taken individually in an intensive within a workshop with others. 

Develop a detailed story guide that will define clear messaging and copy with your values and your strengths so you can align your brand personality to your dream clients using the right words, feelings, and values. 

Understand how you are different so you clearly and confidently shine in your intentional business and marketing. 

What's my Investment?

How much is not having an authentic story costing you? Are your potential customers understanding how you are different? Do they hear your message or clearly understand what you offer?  Do you feel you are connecting with your ideal customers in a meaningful way? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

Want to take the program privately?

$297 USA per person

Initially offering a 3-hour intensive one on one program.

Want to take the workshop?

$297 USA per person

Six hour group workshop

*Details for the Workshop will be sent in a welcome email after you’ve registered

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Happy clients...

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s on the fence about why branding is critical to your success, or who thinks branding is something that only Coke and Nike do, then Darla Kirchner is someone you need to know – and fast!  She can show you how to my brand could effortlessly express who I am and what I offer. 

One look is all it takes now for people to immediately “get” what my business is all about and how I add extreme value.  And in a crowded marketplace, that’s priceless.” 

~Debra Lindegren of Authentically Speaking

Without Darla, I would be using crazy colors and 50 different fonts with no regard to white space in my images.  Darla really works with you to get YOUR style. To develop what will work for your audience and your message.  She’s made a huge difference in my life and definitely in my business financially. 

- Africa Archield

"I didn't have a way to "express myself" with the look and feel of my marketing material.
I feel "seen" and understood. It was easy to connect to Darla. I have so much more confidence now when I share my website. I feel that not just the content but also the style, look, feel and logo is very reflective of the authentic me. Which is what I want to communicate to my clients. 
- Cynthia Marshall, Life, Business and Money Coach


 I understand what makes me different and that's why my clients adore working with me.  By knowing my personal brand words has helped me with my languaging which has to build a deep connection with my customers.  In fact, I've been able to increase my revenue by 50% right after I implemented what I learned in the program. 

- Angelina Millare

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