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My colleague Kellie and I are sharing visual and copy storytelling strategies you can use in your online marketing and social media.

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Darla and Kellie Sharing 3 Key Strategies For Finding Your Ideal Client

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Facebook Live Storytelling with Darla Kirchner

Darla Kirchner

Darla Kirchner builds brand identities and websites, specializing in developing online business strategies for mission driven entrepreneurs and conscious companies.

Kellie OBrien

Kellie O'Brien

Kellie O’Brien is an author, speaker and blogger who specializes in social media, online marketing and launch strategies for women entrepreneurs and companies.

We're Entrepreneurs Who Met Online And Became Friends

Kellie and I met online in a course and became fast friends a few years ago.  We've learned how to use our skills online and on social media to reach our ideal clients.  We want to pay it forward and help others understand how to use strategies and visual marketing and copywriting skills to help you grow your online awareness and business so you can find your ideal audience too!